Sri Lanka offers a variety of dining options for the food lover. There are small street food stalls to fine dining in five star hotels. This means there’s a variety of options to suit every budget.

In the Colombo area there are many cuisines such as Chinese (Sri Lankan style Chinese with a bit of spice), Indian, German, Japanese, Western and of course the traditional Sri Lankan.
Pubs/Night Clubs/Casinos

During the past few years there has been an increase in the number of pubs, night clubs in the Colombo city area. In the past night clubs were limited to major hotels only. However you will now find many pubs and clubs that are now operated by individual owners. Prices of liquor are not cheap and you may pay the same price as you pay back in your country. However local beer may be a cheaper option.

The night clubs play all the top chart hits and some have dedicated nights for R’n’B fans, dance, retro etc. The DJs are professionals who specialise in their area of music and often you find many guest DJs from Western countries performing at these night clubs.

There are a few casinos however they are small in comparison to what you find in the Western countries. Most casinos offer free drinks and food if you are a serious gambler. Some casinos allow only a limited number of locals. Tourists are always welcome.


Throughout history Sri Lanka’s precious gems, scented woods, spices, colourful fabrics and tea have been a popular motivation for international settlers such as the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. These jewels of Sri Lanka continue to remain on the top of the shopping list of many travellers.

Clothing is another must buy item and with many well-known European and American brands available at discounted prices.

Are you after a unique souvenir? then look no further. Sri Lankan craftsman are renowned for their talents in producing amazing crafts that can be found in many credible craft shops and of course you can also pick up some great souvenirs in local bazaars.

Always remember that respectful bargaining is accepted so have a bit of fun and test out your bargaining skills!


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