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Bird Watching

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Cycling and Mountain Biking

Whether you are a serious bike rider or if you wish to take things easy, there are plenty of places of interest you can experience in Sri Lanka. The cycle tracks are designed through the rubber and spice plantations, beautifully landscaped tea plantations and via the ancient capital cities. If you are just looking for a relaxing route, the ride along the beaches in South-West is probably ideal.

The National Cycle Trail of Sri Lanka has categorised the trails into four major routes providing an opportunity for beginners to the experienced. The four main cycling routes in Sri Lanka are the Coastal route, Sabaragamuwa Province route, Ancient City route, and Hill Country route.

The Southern Coastal route runs from Wadduwa to Koggala where you will experience the country’s most beautiful beaches, tea, rubber and coconut estates and a diverse range of fauna and flora.

The Sabaragamuwa province route runs for 200kms. You will travel through gemstone pits, waterfalls, rivers and tea estates. Along this route you will come across the living heritage Sinharaja Forest which is recognised by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site. This is the home for many flora and fauna.

The Ancient City route is a relatively dry zone which is about 150kms long. This route covers the cultural triangle which includes temples, national parks and ancient irrigation systems.

The Hill Country route is ideal for that serious mountain biker where you will come across many mountains and beautiful tea estates. If you are able to endure the Hill Country track which runs for around 300kms, we guarantee you will be rewarded as it is considered as the most picturesque.

Regardless of which route you would like to explore, cycling tours can also be arranged.

Elephant Rides

This is a fun and memorable ride for tourists as well as for the locals. Sri Lanka is well renowned as a nature lover’s paradise and of course for its love of elephants. Elephant rides can be organised at many locations and these elephants are partially dressed up in colourful clothing and have secure comfortable seating on the top. Each elephant may carry from 1 – 4 people depending on the seating setup. These rides will take you through jungles, rivers and heritage sites and provides a unique bird’s eye view of the natural wildlife and the fascinating landscapes. Don’t forget to take you camera and ask the elephant keeper to take some beautiful pictures while you enjoy the ride.

Hot Air Ballooning

This is another spectacular way to explore the beauty of Sri Lanka. Hot air ballooning is a relatively new but fast becoming a very popular activity in Sri Lanka. You will experience a fascinating view of the nature, wild life, lakes and ancient historical ruins while floating 500-2000 feet above the ground level. The Hot Air balloon journey is made up of a total travel time of approx 4 hours starting with your arrival, the preparation and inflation of the balloon, flight briefing, takeoff, the flight, landing & retrieval and return to your hotel after a champagne breakfast. The start times may vary based on the weather forecast and the season. Your adventure will be confirmed the night before and you will receive a wakeup call an hour before the meeting time. Generally the flights are scheduled between 6.30 am and 7am in the morning, in order to take full advantage of the splendour Sri Lanka has to offer.

The pilots are well trained by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka and the balloons are manufactured in UK. During the flight there’s constant communication with the ground crew to ensure a smooth flight is conducted until the landing. Experience a thrilling ride that will be engraved in your memories for years to come!


For a country with tropical weather, countless rivers, beaches and rainforests, Sri Lanka is also an ideal place for the hiker. You will experience the natural beauty this country has to offer while you stroll through the jungles, luscious rainforests and mountains. Why not take a break by dipping into the refreshing waterfalls that you will come across during many of the trekking routes.

Trekking can be organised from Hill Country, Kitulgala, Cultural Triangle (Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Sigirya, Polonnaruwa), North-West Coast (Negombo, Marawila, Chilaw, Kalpitiya) and Galle Coast. All trekking tours and routes are matched with your level of experience and interest.

Wildlife Safaris

For a small country Sri Lanka is rich in nature and wild life. There are plenty of jungles, rivers and rain forests where wildlife can roam freely and tourists can come up close to the beauty. If you are looking for an adventurous holiday or either looking to experience the beauty of the nature and wild life, there are plenty of opportunities.

There are about ten major National Parks where wild life safaris are operated from. Amongst them Yala, Sinharaja Forest, Wilpattu, Uda Walawe , Hotron Plains and Bundala are probably the most famous. Sri Lanka is one of the best places to explore elephants and leopards. At times you may explore 50-60 elephants in one herd. Other predatory animals which can be found in Sri Lanka are the sloth bear, golden jackal and mongooses. Primates such as common langurs and a wide variety of monkeys (the endemic macaque, purple faced leaf monkey and shaggy bear monkey) demonstrate their remarkable agility by swinging from branch to branch, often in huge troops.

The opportunities are also endless for the photo enthusiast. We can organise expert wild life safaris or bird watching tours with our well known ground operator.