Health, Safety and Security Queries

  • What vaccinations do I need to obtain before travelling to Sri Lanka?
    We advise that you consult your doctor or travel medical specialist in regards to the necessary vaccinations that are required before you travel to Sri Lanka.
  • What medicine should I take before arriving in Sri Lanka?
    We advise that you consult your doctor or travel medical specialist in regards to the necessary medications that are required before you travel to Sri Lanka. As a guideline common medications to pack are malaria tablets, diarrhoea tablets, Panadol etc.
  • Is Sri Lanka a safe place to travel?
    The internal conflict in the country is over and the arrival of tourist numbers has rapidly increased. Sri Lanka is a safe country to travel.


Visa/Travel Documents Queries

  • Do I need a visa to enter Sri Lanka?
    As of 01/01/2012, all Australian/New Zealand/British passport holders entering Sri Lanka requires to obtain an entry authority (Please note this is not a visa). The current fee is US$35 for applying online . Sri Lankan immigration has implemented a website where you can complete the application online with a US$35 fee via paying by credit card. You will receive a notification once your entry authority has been granted. http://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/
  • What is the maximum duration I can stay in Sri Lanka?
    The maximum duration as a tourist entry is 30 days. However if you wish to stay longer you can apply for an extension. This will incur an additional cost. Please consult the nearest Sri Lankan consulate for further information.
  • Do I need to obtain travel insurance?
    Although we take all possible care and planning to ensure safety and comfort during your holiday, unexpected events can occur. It is therefore a condition of EXOTIC LANKA HOLIDAYS that all tour participants obtain travel insurance before embarking on a tour. Our friendly team will be delighted to discuss the type of coverage that is required in order to participate on our tours and if required assist or either provide you with travel insurance.


Tour Related Queries

  • What type of tours do you offer?
    We offer a range of tours to suit different needs, interests and budgets. They are the

    • Classic Tours
    • Luxury Tours
    • Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways
    • Adventure Tours
    • Birds and Wild Life Tours
    • Dolphin and Whale watching Tours
    • School/Club Cricket Tours

    For more information regarding each tour, please check under each tour description.

  • What is your most popular tour?
    The most popular tour is the “Lanka Highlights – 10 days” as it provides the tour participant the opportunity to explore Sri Lanka for a very competitive price, covering majority of the must see attractions.
  • What kind of accommodation will I stay in?
    This will depend on the tour you choose. For e.g. “Classic Tours” are mainly based on 3 star accommodation. Luxury tours are based on 5 star (ocassional 4 /4.5 star) type accommodation. Please check under relevant tour for more information regarding the accommodation type. Accommodation can be customised to suit your budget and comfort.
  • What is included in a tour?
    A standard tour includes accommodation, transport, airport transfers, breakfast entry fees into attractions/venues and an English speaking tour guide. Some tours may include many other extras. Please check under relevant tour for more information regarding the inclusions.
  • What kind of transport is used during the tour?
    This will depend on the tour you choose however all our vehicles are air conditioned and in a really good condition. Please check under relevant tour for more information regarding transport.
  • Will someone greet and meet me at the airport?
    Yes certainly, you will be met by one of our friendly Chauffer guides who will greet you at the airport.
  • What if I get sick or have an accident while on tour?
    Our ground tour operators carry a basic first aid kit on every tour for minor injuries or sickness. However if your injury or situation is concerning, we will do our best to escort you to the nearest hospital or to a medical centre. Please note that some rural areas may lack medical facilities.
  • Will my guide speak English?
    Yes, all our tour guides speak and understand English. They also have a wealth of knowledge about the country to keep you entertained and informed.
  • What if I want to call home whilst on tour?
    The best option is to buy a SIM card when you arrive in Sri Lanka. We can organise this on your behalf. Other option is to buy a calling card. You can also contact from the hotel you are staying, however it will be more costly.
    Please note: During some tours the accommodation you will be staying in may not have the international calling facilities (All 4 and 5 star hotels have international calling facilities).
  • What if my flight is delayed when arriving in Sri Lanka?
    During the booking process we obtain your flight details. We will check the flight schedules for any delays and will ensure you are collected at the Kataunayake airport upon your arrival.
  • What if my flight is delayed when departing Sri Lanka?
    If your flight is delayed, this is looked after by the airline and also by your travel insurance. Airlines usually provide accommodation during longer delays.


Booking Queries

  • How do I make a booking?
    Click here for the booking process guideline. You can always contact our friendly consultants to obtain further information.
  • What is the minimum size for a group tour?
    The minimum group size may differ based on the tour. Please check under relevant tour for more information regarding the group sizes.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept credit cards, bank cheques and electronic funds transfers only.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellation policy is published under the “Terms and Conditions”. Please click here for more information.
  • How can I trust you?
    We are an Australian based company that cater for travellers across Australia. We are travel accredited (ATAS) hence you will have the peace of mind when booking a tour with us. You may also check some of the genuine client feedback uploaded on our website.


General Queries

  • We are a family with kids. Do you recommend Sri Lanka as a travel destination?
    Yes, certainly. We can organise your next family holiday including fun activities to keep both the kids and adults entertained. There are a number of child friendly hotels that cater for families.
  • What kind of clothing should I wear in Sri Lanka?
    Humidity and temperature is high in Colombo and many other cities in Sri Lanka and temperature range from 27c – 35c. Light coloured cotton garments are the best option. If you are travelling to the hill country you may need a light sweater as the temperature can drop below 15c.
  • What is the local currency in Sri Lanka?
    Local currency is Sri Lankan rupees. Please click here to check the current exchange rate.
  • Do people speak English in Sri Lanka?
    Majority of people in the Colombo area can speak English or at least understand the language. When you move away from Colombo you may find less people speak and understand English. However this will not be an issue for you as hotel staff and your driver/guide can speak and understand English.
  • What are the standard tipping/gratuity expectations?
    As a general guideline, around Rs 100 ($1 AUD) is probably the minimum expectation. However this will depend on which accommodation you are staying or either where you dining at.
  • Can I use my mobile phone while in Sri Lanka?
    You have two options. Either to use global roaming (You will need to organise this before you arrive in Sri Lanka) or to buy a pre-paid SIM from Sri Lanka. If you wish we can organise and buy you a SIM card on your behalf. Please Note: When you travel to remote areas, you may not receive good reception.
  • Can I take photos at all the attractions I will be visiting?
    You can take photos in most of the attractions. Your guide will advise you if you are not able to take photos at certain locations. It is always best to clarify this with your guide.
  • Can I bargain while shopping in Sri Lanka?
    Bargaining is quite common in Sri Lanka if you buy from bazaars/markets or small street shops. However the prices are fixed in some larger shops and shopping centres.
  • I heard there are power cuts in Sri Lanka. Will I be affected by this?
    Your accommodation is based on 3 to 5 star and all these hotels have backup in case of power cuts. However if you are doing a “Birds and Wild Life” tour, there’s a slight chance where you may experience power cuts at two of the venues you will be staying at, as you will be travelling to remote areas.
  • Are there any places where women are not allowed to go?
    The places our tours are conducted have no restrictions on gender. Only thing to keep in mind is that when you are entering a religious place to ensure you wear appropriate clothing (below knee length).
  • What is the traffic like in Sri Lanka?
    There are a number of projects underway to build highways for better transport and reduce traffic on Sri Lankan roads. If you are travelling to Asia for the first time you will experience a major difference in traffic compared to many western countries. However you will become familiar within 3-4 days and will understand the traffic flow. Traffic is congested in metropolitan Colombo especially during peak hours however you will  find less traffic as you travel away from Colombo.

If you still have any queries you can always contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist.