Hill Country


Kandy once was the capital of Sri Lanka and is recognised as a World Heritage Site. The well known historical and a religious tales of magnificence is still very much alive an apparent in Kandy. In fact Kandy was the last capital reigned by kings of Sri Lanka before being ruled by the British in 1815. Kandy lies about 500 m from the sea level and about 115 km from Colombo.

Kandy town centre is a busy city though you will find plenty of places to unwind by the parks and lakes. You can experience a gorgeous view in the evening by Lake Kandy when the sun sets. This town has some beautiful hotels for your comfort and relaxation. Kandy is regarded as a sacred city as it holds a tooth relic of Lord Buddha. This is kept securely in one of the most worshiped places in Sri Lanka, the Dalada Maligawa, a must visit while in Kandy.

During the month of August, Kandy dazzles with the sounds and lights of the Kandy Perehara – a magnificent procession where a sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is majestically paraded on elephant back along the streets of Kandy.

Other highlights to experience:

  • A pooja (religious ritual) at the Temple of the Tooth in honour of Lord Buddha
  • Arts & Crafts Centre
  • Bazaars
  • Elephants bathing in the river in the Pinnewala elephant orphanage
  • Gem Museum
  • Golf or other outdoor activities at Victoria’s scenic Golf & Country Club
  • Kandy Town
  • Kandyan dancing and drumbeats
  • Roses and orchids in Peradeniya’s Botanical Gardens
  • Trekking in the magnificent Knuckles mountain range